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Springs Road Gun Club

Premier Gun Range and Firearms Dealer in Hickory NC. We offer Gun Rentals, Gun Classes, Ammunition, Gun Events, and much more.

Springs Road Gun Club conveniently located in Hickory, NC offers an indoor shooting range and pro-shop. Our gun range is equipped with fourteen shooting lanes and electronic target placement from 3 yards all the way out to 25 yards. You can shoot most pistol calibers, shotguns, and some rifles. We have many popular guns available for rental. Our gun range is also approved and equipped for law enforcement qualifications. The range offers hourly rates, as well as monthly and yearly memberships. We have monthly firearm classes that include NRA training courses, North Carolina Concealed Handgun training courses, and we offer advanced level and instructor level training courses as well.


    Gun rentals $6 ea. Unlimited gun rentals $20 per day limited one caliber. Must use range ammo. Does not include range time. Check member benefits for members discounts.


  • Springfield XDS 9(9mm)    
  • Springfield XDM 3.8(9mm)    
  • Sig Sauer P250(9mm)    
  • Sig Sauer P290(9mm)    
  • Sig Sauer P320(9mm)    
  • Kahr PM9(9mm)    
  • Kahr P9(9mm)    
  • FN FNS-9(9mm)    
  • FN FNS-9C(9mm)    
  • Taurus M85(.38Spl)    
  • Taurus M85 UL(.38Spl)    


  • Glock 17(9mm)    
  • Glock 19(9mm)    
  • Glock 26(9mm)    
  • Glock 43(9mm)    
  • FNS-9(9mm)    
  • FNS-9C(9mm)    
  • I.W.I. Jericho 941(9mm)    
  • Smith & Wesson M&P9C(9mm)    
  • Smith & Wesson Shield 9(9mm)    
  • Springsfield XD 9(9mm)    


  • Kahr P380(.380 ACP)    
  • Glock 42(.380 ACP)    
  • Smith & Wesson M&P40(.40 S&W)    
  • Glock 23(.40 S&W)    
  • Glock 21(.45 ACP)    
  • Glock 30(.45 ACP)    
  • Springfield XD45(.45 ACP)    
  • Hi-point 45(.45 ACP)    
  • Taurus PT1911(.45 ACP)    


  • Taurus Tracker(.357 mag)    
  • Ruger SR22(.22 Long Rifle)    
  • Marlin 60(.22 Long Rifle)    
  • Beretta NEOS(.22 Long Rifle)    
  • Mossberg Maverick 88(12ga.)    
  • Mossberg AR-15(.223)    
  • Palmetto IWI-X-95 AR-15(.223)    


    Suppressor rentals $8 ea. $4 for members. Must use range ammo. Does not include range time.

    Gemtech TrekReduction 29db. Caliber 5.56 / .223

    Gemtech GM22Reduction 36-39db. Caliber 22LR, 22WMR, 17HMR

    Gemtech GM45Reduction 21-23db. Caliber 9mm and .45 ACP



    Unlimited Fullauto rentals $25 per day. Must use range ammo. Does not include range time. Check member benefits for discounts.

    FN P90 – 5.7X28

    FN SCAR 16 CQC – 5.56

    AA G9 – 9mm

    AA M-4 PDW – 5.56

    FN M249 SAW – 5.56

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